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The K in D&K

Last week, my supervisor mentioned she'd heard that some of the profits from DK books had gone into building the first organic farm to turn a profit in the UK.

So I googled "DK organic". Amongst a load of links to booksellers offering me illustrated guides to gardening, I found this article. It turns out that Peter Kindersely made 100 million when he sold DK. (If anyone was in doubt that the book business is a business, that should make them think). He'd become interested in the organic movement after DK published The Complete book of Self Sufficiency in 1975 and started, gradually, buying up farmland. Thirty years on, Sheepdrove Farm has a turn over of over 2million.

The article is fascinating, suggesting Kindersley aims to build Sheepdrove into a brand, in the same way DK has become and building a similar education and profit approach to business.