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A cartoon archive for rainy day surfing

In light of all the wet weather we've been having, I thought I'd be topical in referring you to the sewage page of Tim Hunkin's web-based cartoon encyclopaedia.

Hunkin's scrawled instructional cartoons appeared for 14 years in the Observerů hmm, they seem familiar for some reasonů I wonder if Tony de Saulles grew up on these?

Thanks to Robert for the link!


I was hoping Tony would mention these when I interviewed him (I *love* Hunkin, he's done a lot of museum stuff as well)

If he was influenced by them, I very much doubt he was aware of it. I don't think he's that plugged into explanatory illustration, he just does what he thinks will work.

Yes, that's what I meant ; it would have been an unconscious exposure-influence thing. I don't think Tim Hunkin would see himself as a highly 'plugged in' illustrator in any case! :)

Tim Hunkin's more of a puppeteer in some ways, or rather, automata constructor/ engineering person. Multimedia guy, he's done some lovely museum stuff.