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Introducing Noga

In case you were starting to wonder who is this Noga person appearing on the sidebar as a contributor, yet not really contributing anything so far, here is my first entry, which narcissistically, is all about myself. I'll try to be more modest by posting the information as an extended entry, so not all of you will have to suffer…

I'm a Children's Literature PhD Student at the National Centre for Research in Children's Literature (NCRCL), a part of Roehampton University.

My thesis, which I'm due to submit in March 2008, is entitled Interfaces of Technology and Children's' Literature through the Dimension of Science Fiction Written for Young People, and explores representations of technology in children's science fiction from 1980 onwards. In a nutshell, (and quite simplistically),my central hypothesis is that there is an anti-technological bias prevalent in science fiction written for children (as opposed to adult science fiction), despite it being a genre which ostensibly celebrates technology. I suggest that a reason for this bias could be adult fear of technology's potential to upset the current adult-child power balance.

My research will be published by Routledge sometime in 2008.

Other publications include:

Applebaum, N. (2005). Electronic Texts and Adolescent Agency: Computers and the Internet in Contemporary Children's Fiction. Modern Children's Literature: An Introduction. K. Reynolds. Basingstoke and New York, Palgrave: 250-263.

---. (2006). "The Myth of the Innocent Child: The Interplay between Nature, Humanity and Technology in Contemporary Children's Fiction." Journal of Children's Literature Studies 3(2): 1-17.

---. (tbp 2007). A Future without a Past: Technology and History in Three Children’s Science Fiction Novels in An Invitation to Explore: New International Perspectives in Children's Literature. L. Atkins, N. Dalrymple, M. Gill and L. Thiel (eds.). London, Pied Piper.

I also write for children and twice won the London Writers' Competition.

See you in the next blog!!