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The last issue of Paradigm

Paradigm is, or rather was, the excellent occasional journal of the Textbook Colloquium, an eclectic group of textbook aficionados from a wide range of backgrounds convened by Prof. Chris Stray of Swansea University.

Recently a PDF of the final issue of Paradigm landed in my inbox, circulated by the journal's latest editor Prof. Sue Walker, out of the department of Typography at Reading. It will be posted on the journal's website soon, and this site is worth checking anyway for back-issues dating to 1999, ambitiously all free to download.

Paradigm was consistently very well produced and of high quality. Light enough (and interesting enough) to carry around and read on the tube, it is a model to follow! This is probably mainly due to the people behind it, but I do hope that an enthusiastic group will step in to relaunch the journal at some point in the future. (Email me if you'd like a copy of the final issue before it comes on the website!)


I can recommend (tho v historical and more about text than image):

Gracia-Belmar, Antonia, Bertomeu-Sánchez, José Ramón, Patiniotis, Manolis & Lundgren, Anders (eds) (2006) Special Issue: Textbooks in the Scientific Periphery, Science & Education, vol15 no7-8, November/ December 2006.