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Stephen Hawking (and Daughter) write science faction

I promised analytical posts based on Japan, and I've got two working through my brain which I'll put up soon, but for now, a bit of news.

Stephen Hawking's written a kids book with his journalist daughter, Lucy, and a French phsycist, Christophe Galfard (just out in English, it'll be published in French next week). You can read an extract here. I'm not that impressed so far, but I'm yet to get my hands on a copy.

According to Cosmos magazine, Lucy Hawking told the press that her father kept repeating "That's too much science fiction, we do science fact." That's fair enough as a bit of hype, but doesn't suggest a very developed attitude to writing (fiction or fact!). They also quote Stephen Hawking as saying "I don't know of any other book quite like George's Secret Key to the Universe... think we may be unique".

Er, Stannard, Gamow, Gilmore, Arnold and DeSaulles, Abbott . Maybe they have added something else as well though, the extract reads like a stilted Stannard, but it is just an extract. Apparently they mix in cartoon illustrations alongside technical drawings, which could add something to the literary mix of fact and fiction that these other authors employ (though DeSaulles' has been doing that for years too, and Gilmore turned his Alice in Quantumland into a computer programme, not to mention the multimedia spectacular that is the Magic School Bus). Mmmm. I'll keep my sceptism in line till I've looked at it properly, it's not fair at this stage.

Anyone else actually read it?


Very interesting... as always! Cheers from -Switzerland-.