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Punk Science: a typhoon in the cafe of the Dana Centre

Well it happens to everyone this time of year, doesn't it; here's my (tardy) review, a week after Punk Science: Climate Change happened at the Dana Centre in London. What better way to broach the issue of impending environmental collapse through climate change than with a live comedy act!


The show was good fun, despite an annoying cold and the feeling that I should have probably taken a seat somewhere at the back, fodder as the audience was for the routine. It turned out fine, and I enjoyed the unusual combination of frenetic banter, tunes, fake storm-brewing, bug-eating, and creative subversion of PowerPoint. All of this on the theme of global warming, and wrapped up in the trio's manic children's presenter affect. Funny, because slightly uncool, in a cool way.

What I didn't like so much about the evening was the ticketing procedure for the event (I was scared not to show up!) and the unpleasantly strong lighting, but that was Dana centre shtick, not the Punk Scientists themselves…

So what is Punk Science all about? If its comedy, I'm happy with more of it. I'm also happy with more tunes, and more 'learning'. We were assured beforehand that 'no extra intelligence will be caused as a result of watching the show', but I honestly don't mind a little bit of learning now and then. Also, who is going to see a show like this? The phrase 'preaching to the converted' came to mind more than once during the event.

To me, this is a great cabaret act that is fun for people who are into audience participation. Unfortunately, not everyone is, but they could always tone that part down and eat the bugs themselves, right?


The grubs were particularly tasty.

the ticketing/ entrance thing at Dana is crazy, isn't it? The bouncers scare me!

They are all ex children's presenters - they formed while working in the kids galleries at the museum (tho they always emphasise their previous careers as comedians and musicians on publicity) and one of the founder members went on to present top of the pops (at the end of the top of the pops era...)