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Isotype books and sketches on show in Reading

I've now posted a few times about Marie Neurath's Isotype books for children, but I could resist passing on news of this latest exhibition, on show at the Department of Typography in Reading.


'If you could see inside' runs from 12 january to 20 March 2009, and is open to the public from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4pm. Information on how to get to the department can be found here. The exhibit is part of the AHRC-funded Isotype Revisited project, and it focusses on the birth of the whole project of Isotype children's books, and on preparatory sketches and drawings associated with a cross-section of titles. (Click on the images below for larger versions.)


The beginnings of this work are recalled by Marie Neurath in a quote drawn from one of the exhibit panels: 'In the last months of Otto Neurath's life (1945) we worked on picture books for school use with a number of questions at the side; the answers to the questions had, in general, to be found by close study of the chart. We worked on the first ideas of children's books; a rough was made called "Just boxes", another "Tips for Tots". Years later these ideas were developed in books like "If you could see inside" and "This is how it works"' (Instructional Science 1973, p. 145).



Wow! I *so* have to go and see that. I'm going to tell my students too - maybe we'll do a trip!

Sounds good! Maybe we could organise to show you some additional archival material too