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The Material Text blog

The Department of Typography is involved with a major research theme at Reading called The Material Text. The aim of the theme is to promote interdisciplinary work in 'publishing and the book trade; the history of the book, printing and typography; and the study of the social and communicative functions of texts, whether written, printed, illustrated, performed or mediated.' All good stuff.

I recently became a contributor to the Material Text blog, and although it is young (too young to share the link? nah!), it is very promising, especially considering the breadth of potential contributions! Stay tuned to see how it develops…


I should have let the 2nd years loose on the blogger template for the Material Text blog :)

They might really appreciate that actually.

I just sent the admin some suggestions for sidebar links and contributors. Imagine if all the bloggers were there, with their departments & links to project sites … could be impressive!